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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      Love love love

      Amazing product

      Used it for a couple months and still in good condition and all working. When it does not get as cold as before, might be an issue with the vents being full of dust. Just give it a clean and it's as good as new. Be sure to close the fridge door well to give the fridge a tight seal and it works great.

      Maria Petrella

      Purchased my Beauty fridge a month or two ago. So I absolutely love mine so much. My productsare all nice and refreshing to use. I put a few warm drink in to see if they get cold and get cold quick, I'll admit I was really surprised that after no more then 40 minutes , 3 X coca cola cans were Hella cold and refreshing to drink . It makes my beauty room just pop, it's got like a noise that's not a concern to start it up , kinda like a fridge that's just been turned on , but now it's very quiet as it should so just letting people know that could happen when recieving any fridge and it's not a issue to be concerned about unless noise of fridge gets louder and does not stop. I'll admit I just leave mine on as I don't like the mini fridge smell it gets each time. The light is awesome honestly would not consider any other. If your looking for a sign to purchase your beauty fridge , here it is ☺️🌼


      I’m absolutely in love with my beauty fridge. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It’s definitely a must have! And the girls and VanityChic are so kind and lovely.

      Kitti Alexis
      Loving it so far!

      Love my beauty fridge so far. It cooled down pretty fast after setting it up.