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      Beauty Fridge

      Buy Skincare Fridge

      Vanity Chic has a massive range of Beauty Fridges for Sale Online in Australia. Get a Skincare Fridge at cheap prices in Melbourne. Shop now for best deals.

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      Storing certain cosmetics and creams can demand extra care and temperature control.  Vanity Chic is delighted to present you with a cute selection of world-class, top-quality Beauty Storage options!  Some preparations and cosmetics are designed to be stored at a constant temperature and this is where our range of Makeup Storage units in Melbourne will keep your precious products fresh and, safe to use. Remember, in some climates it’s actually essential to store certain cosmetics in a high-quality Beauty Fridge; it can be a case of either preventing your precious cosmetics from either freezing or melting, depending on the location. This is where Vanity Chic save your investments in fragrance, skin-care creams and other temperature-sensitive items from either perishing or losing their viscousity.

      Vanity Chic covers Melbourne and beyond because we are all about delivering the goods to your door. If you need a Skincare Fridge that’s not only Cheap but reliable, we’ve got everything you need!

      Beauty Fridge Features:

      • Being one of our best-sellers, the Beauty Fridge can easily store a cornucopia of products such as serums, toners, face/eye creams, face masks, lotions and other products requiring a consistent temperature;
      • The fridge is usually set around 10+ degrees Celsius, which is perfect for most product-storage;
      • Are Glamour-Colours available? Yassss! Of course!  Select from cute Cream with Pink interior OR Pink with Cream interior;
      • Each Beauty Fridge meets Australian Safety Standards and is issued with a full warranty for your peace of mind;
      • Are you either running a salon and/or freelancing as a beauty/skincare consultant? Being able to present a well-equipped space with state-the-art storage facilities (designed with a touch of Mulholland Drive 1950s glamour, of course) makes an immediate and lasting impression on your clients as they’ll be reassured that the products you use are kept in optimum conditions, adhering to OH&S compliance guidelines.

      Vanity Chic insist on delivering modern reliability with old-school customer service and glamour!  We stand by every product in our range and we guarantee you will fall in love with our latest collection of Beauty Storage goodies!


      What can I store in my beauty fridge?

      We recommend storing a variety of skin care productsand tools such as a face roller, serum, toner, face/eye cream, face masks, lotions etc in our beauty fridges.

      Where can I store my beauty fridge?

      You can store your Beauty Fridge on the counter of your Vanity Chic makeup desk, tallboy or wherever an outlet is present as the 1.8 metre cable makes it easy to store this product anywhere.