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      Vanity Makeup Chairs

      Beauty divas insist on the best.  That’s why Vanity Chic are standing by with a selection of brand new, (but old-school styled) glamour-chairs to let you luxuriate in luxury while you primp and preen.  The chairs add presence to your space.  If you’re looking to enrich your bedroom, bathroom, or even your professional salon, we’ve got the ultimate selection to take your interior to another level and beyond.  You’ll notice the quality as soon as you see and feel our Vanity Chic makeup chairs.  Settle in and see why we’re fast becoming the industry-leader in interior chic!

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      Makeup Stool

      Would Hollywood divas have accepted anything less than the best in makeup stools?  What about you?  Why not select a stunning makeup stool to add true glamour to your walk-in, beauty studio, bedroom or even professional salon?  We’ve got you!  Vanity Chic are thrilled to offer a selection of world-class Makeup Stools in a selection of colours to fit with any décor.  Choose from a broad selection including shades to take you back to Beauty School, with silver, black, bronze, rose gold and purple for starters.   These Vanity Chic goodies are definitely Priscilla-Presley-Approved and we can’t wait to share the glamour with you!  Shop now!

      Makeup Vanity Chair

      Our makeup chairs, stools, desk chairs and table chairs are constructed of the finest quality products available.  Built to last and created to make you feel like a star, these stunning pieces add a touch of Hollywood to your boudoir.  Choose from a selection of glamour-goddess colours and textures.  Everything is set for your starring moment so that you can prep in comfort AND style. 

      Makeup Desk Chair

      Are you starting to see a pattern?  We are!  It’s you, but a new-improved version!  Your glow-up starts when you insist on high-quality spaces for preening and finessing.  Start your day right with the Vanity Chic Makeup Desk Chair that makes you feel like a princess every single time you settle in.

      Makeup Table Chair

      The quality is immediately apparent the minute you take a seat.  Feeling like a little “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” moment?  We totally understand the imminent glamour!  The Vanity Chic selection includes stunning Makeup Table Chairs so you can really settle in while you perfect your look.  Maybe you’re seeing hair and makeup clients at home and/or in a salon setting?  That’s where we can also step in and take the guesswork out of making your salon unforgettable…for all the right reasons!  Shop now!