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      Makeup Cases

      You will love using our stylish Makeup Case Trolley in your home, your hair and makeup salon or in any professional beauty interior.  Besides, health-and-safety guidelines deem that many products need to stay at a consistent temperature.  You can reassure your clients (if you are working in the cosmetics industry) that your potions and creams are being kept to world-class standards with our Makeup Storage solutions.

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      Browse our array of our collection of Makeup Case Trolleys, cosmetic fridges, and all manner of Makeup Storage ideas in Melbourne, whether online or in-person!  We deliver directly to your door, so shop now!

      Constructed with the latest, cutting-edge materials, these Beauty Case Trolleys are made to last.  Talk with our experienced team if you have any queries!  We are focused on covering all of your storage needs with our professionally curated selection.  We make sure each unit will also be delivered reliably via our prenasalised delivery service.  Pick up the phone or get in touch via our online chat service, or, drop us an email.  Vanity Chic can’t wait to delight you with super-glam beauty cases and storage options to keep your products and equipment organised and fresh.  Shop now!